2077 South Clinton Ave Rochester, NY 14618
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About the Kanack School of Music

In 1995, Alice Kay Kanack moved back to her hometown of Brighton, after having spent ten years teaching and performing in New York City. The Kanack School began with a few students in an apartment and grew very rapidly into what is now a young but vibrant educational institution operating out of it’s building on South Clinton Avenue in Brighton. The Kanack School has a faculty of about 20 well-educated and highly esteemed musicians and dancers. The close to 200 students are gaining attention in the community by receiving top scores in area competitions, attaining seats in the prestigious Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and being chosen to perform in various places around town including the Rochester Irish Festival.

The philosophy of the school is to combine discipline with fun. Students are encouraged to join classes from improvisation to fiddle, orchestra to virtuoso violins, chamber music to repertoire; all of which encourage discipline while including the support of peers and the beauty of the art of making music. All group classes are free to any students enrolled in private lessons at the school.

The Kanack School of Music accepts students of any age. There are toddler classes, and twinkle classes which use the highly regarded Suzuki method for violin, viola, cello, and piano. There are private lessons for many instruments including violin, viola, cello, flute, guitar, voice, and piano. There are teen classes and classes just for adults and senior citizens.

The Kanack School holds a day camp every year during the first two weeks in July, which is open to students from the school as well as the community. There are various programs during the year including visits from guest artists who both perform and give master classes. These are always open to the public.

For more information, please call The Kanack School at (585) 244-6910


Creative Ability + Music = Musicality,
Musicality + Technical Facility = Artistry