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Announcements / Chamber Program - Register by Feb 5th


It's time to register for chamber music for the spring semester!

Any students who have already been participating and any new students are welcome to join our chamber program!  We have a separate "Adults Only" program AND we have added a new offering this semester- fiddle bands can now coach as a part of the chamber music program! The times available for fiddle bands to coach are Wednesdays 6-8pm and Fridays 3-5pm

. Please mark on your form that you want to be in a fiddle band by writing "fiddle" next to your instrument on your registration form. 

The program is divided into three levels:  Level 1 (book 2 & 3) with a one hour coaching, Level 2 (Books 4-6) with a one hour coaching plus a 30 minute rehearsal without coach, and Level 3 (Book 6 and up) with a one hour coaching and a one hour rehearsal.  If you are unsure whether chamber music would be beneficial for you, ask your teacher!  Occasionally a student may be assigned a level higher or lower depending on the level of the rest of their group.


Attached to this announcement you will find two forms. The first is the student registration form- this will help us place the student in a group that is appropriate for them. The second form shows all the times our faculty is available to coach chamber music. On this form, please mark ALL THE TIMES YOU ARE AVAILABLE FOR A COACHING.  There is a space at the bottom of the form where you can specify your preferred times. We will honor these as best we can, but it is paramount that you give us all your available times. 


Chamber music coachings are set to start on the 22nd of February. Each session will consist of ten coachings, a master class, and a recital. In order to organize all enrolled students into appropriate groups, I request that the attached chamber registration forms be turned in by the first week of February- that means by 2/5/17.

I am looking forward to new chamber music adventures with all of you!


Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns about the program. Please call 585-244-6910 or email Marja Alanen at chamber.ksma@gmail.com.  

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