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Announcements / Corinna Eikmeier


Take a 15 minute Lesson…..Have a 

unique Musical Experience 


Corinna Eikmeier March 17th or 18th.

You will receive a short lesson. 

It will be easy, and a pleasure and also interesting. 

You will sound better afterwards. 

You will help a brilliant, dear, German, blind cellist with her 

Doctoral research! 

Corinna Eikmeier was born in 1969 in Germany. 

Corinna studied Violoncello, Improvisation, contemporary music 

and professional Feldenkrais-training. She now plays in several 

improvising ensembles and is active in interdisciplinary 

improvisation projects. She teaches Feldenkrais and 

improvisation at the university of music in Hannover and teaches 

violoncello and improvisation. From 2007-2009 she did a research 

project about Feldenkrais and improvisation founded from the 

Dorothea Erxleben Program. The result of this was a collection of 

improvisation exercises based on ideas out of the Feldenkrais 

method. It is published under the title: Ungewohnte Positionen. 

Ein praktischer Beitrag zur Anwendung der Feldenkrais-Methode 

auf musikalische Improvisation. After this project she decided to 

continue the project and work out a main question in the format of 

a dissertation thesis. She started this project 2010 at the 

Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Wien. 


Creative Ability + Music = Musicality,
Musicality + Technical Facility = Artistry