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Announcements / Summer Lessons


Summer is coming!

 The Kanack School is delighted to provide music lessons and camps throughout the summer.

 Our summer policy is as follows:

 1.    Choose a number of lessons you would like to receive.

2.    Discuss the arrangement of lessons with your private teacher. If your teacher is not available during the summer, please check with the office for your choice of available teachers. It’s fun and beneficial for students to study with a different teacher occasionally.

3.    Send/Bring in the Summer Lesson Registration form[*] with payment.

(Any lessons that cannot be scheduled will be credited towards fall tuition, or refunded if fall tuition has been paid.)

 Camp registration is ongoing. Please register as soon as possible to help us prepare. Students from outside the school are welcome also; so bring your friends!

 Thanks for your continued commitment to musical excellence!


Please use the registration form below.

Creative Ability + Music = Musicality,
Musicality + Technical Facility = Artistry