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(585) 244-6910
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Classes / Group Classes FREE with private lessons


Group Classes FREE with private lessons

Students may attend any and all classes that apply to their instrument and level of playing for free. Please discuss with your private lesson teacher or call us directly at 585-244-6910.

Instruments: Violin, Suzuki violin, Cello, Suzuki cello, Piano, Viola, Suzuki viola, Guitar

Violin: , , Lee Byrne, Alice Kanack,
Suzuki violin: , Lee Byrne, Alice Kanack,
Cello: , ,
Suzuki cello: , ,
Piano: Sofya Gurevich, ,
Viola: Alice Kanack,
Suzuki viola: Alice Kanack,
Guitar: ,

Price: Free with private lessons. Attend any class that applies to your instrument and level of playing.

PDF Version: GROUP CLASSES with Privates FALL 2016.pdf

Creative Ability + Music = Musicality,
Musicality + Technical Facility = Artistry