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Classes / Suzuki start up class


Suzuki start up class

These 10 week sessions are open to children ages 2-9 and their parents. Classes meet one hour per week for students and their parents. Half of the class is dedicated to the students, the other half to the parents. Students are introduced to basic techniques on violin or cello; parents learn techniques plus Suzuki philosophy and how to help their child at home. Available for violin and cello.


Instruments: Suzuki cello, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, Suzuki piano, Suzuki Guitar

Suzuki cello: Rachael Lemna, Andrew Barnhart
Suzuki violin: Alice Kanack, Lee Byrne, Margaret Coote, Alyssa Rodriguez, Michelle Bitler
Suzuki viola: Alice Kanack, Margaret Coote, Michelle Bitler, Alyssa Rodriguez
Suzuki piano: Michelle Bitler
Suzuki Guitar: Austin Wahl, Austin Wahl

Violin/Viola Group: 11:45-12:45 pm Saturdays
Cello Group: 1:30-2:30 p.m. Saturdays
Suzuki Piano and Guitar students generally begin with private lessons

Price: $185 plus $15 registration fee.

PDF Version: Group Class Registration Form 2017-2018.pdf

Creative Ability + Music = Musicality,
Musicality + Technical Facility = Artistry