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Classes / Traditional Private Lessons


Traditional Private Lessons

Private instrumental study for children and adults. Group classes included in this package are free of charge.

Use Registration Form below.

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Piano, String Bass, Electric Bass Guitar, Suzuki Guitar, Flute, Voice, Improvisation, Music Theory

Violin: Lee Byrne, Alice Kanack, , Margaret Coote, , Thomas Rodgers, ,
Viola: Alice Kanack, , Margaret Coote
Cello: , , Andrew Barnhart, Elise Hughey
Guitar: , Austin Wahl, Erik Gibelyou - Guitar, Ukulele
Piano: Sofya Gurevich, , Teryle Watson
String Bass:
Electric Bass Guitar: , Erik Gibelyou - Guitar, Ukulele
Suzuki Guitar: , Austin Wahl
Voice: Teryle Watson
Improvisation: Alice Kanack, Margaret Coote, , , ,
Music Theory: , Alyssa Rodriguez, , Alyssa Rodriguez

Price: $279 per quarter (9 lessons)

PDF Version: Private Lesson Registration Form 2016-7.2.pdf

Creative Ability + Music = Musicality,
Musicality + Technical Facility = Artistry