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News / Announcing New Faculty



The Kanack School is pleased to welcome the following new faculty for 2011-2012. Many have already begun teaching and are eager to accept new students. 

 Teryle Watson: Voice-Private, Tuesday: Soundsations, Saturday: Opera Scenes

 Mike Fittipaldi: String Bass, Electric Bass Guitar

Andrew Barnhart: Cello, Chamber Music

Nick Tiberio: Celtic Fiddle, American Fiddle

Jennifer Turbes: Suzuki Violin, Suzuki Viola, Hardanger Fiddle

Dana Huyge: Suzuki Violin, Suzuki Viola

Eliana Haig: Suzuki Violin, Suzuki Viola

John Irrera: Violin, Chamber Music

Nathan Fleshner: Conductor, Music Theory

To learn more about them, please see the "Faculty" section of our web site. Information will be updated as it is received. 


Creative Ability + Music = Musicality,
Musicality + Technical Facility = Artistry